Simple And Effective Acne Treatments To Try Out

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If there is one thing we all dread it is waking up to acne, spots, scars or pimples on our face.
Nothing ruins a perfect look like acne, it’s worse than a bad hair day.
Acne can appear for several reasons including increased oil production in the sebaceous glands on the skin.

Acne is very common in teenagers during their puberty stage, but can also occur throughout adulthood in some people. Simple tips can help prevent acne, you can also visit our dermatologist for professional advice.

Healthy Lifestyle

No matter how busy your schedule is, try and eat healthily, exercise regularly, get enough rest, and drink lots of water. Water is good for flushing out toxins in the body and paves way for clearer skin.

Clean Skin

Keeping your pores clean by washing your face morning and night with a mild cleanser can go a long way in preventing breakouts.


Moisturizers help to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. If you have oily skin, try a good oil-free brand but never leave your skin dry.


Sunscreens are a must even when you are not out in the sun as UV rays are still harmful and counterproductive to healthy-looking skin.

 Spa Visits

A trip to the spa every once in a while is not necessarily a luxury, especially if you suffer regular breakouts or other skin lesions.
Our dermatologist will track your progress and recommend the next step towards achieving your desired goals based on review during your visit.

A visit to the spa is also a good way to jumpstart your skincare routine and keep you on track.

No Guessing

At Rejuvenee Spa, we have an in-house Dermatologist and a Professional Skin Mapping Technology that pinpoints exactly where and how to start your journey to perfect skin.


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